NSPanel Pro Bricked

Oh dear… I just got an NSPanel Pro… I followed the settings to put it in developer mode and side load Home Assistant… all worked great.

I then realised the device could also act as a Zigbee Router… so went into the settings in the eWee app and enabled that mode… I restarted the device and it booted in chinese to a QR code…

I did the 5x on off thing, and it applied the factory software - at least I’m guessing that’s what it was… it rebooted back to the qr tag… which won’t scan in the app.

Anything I can do or have I ruined the device?! Seems a waste.

Seing the QR code usually means you’ve lost the ewelink license.

I’ve read that some people have luck getting help from Sonoff support with this issue.

You can also try to disassemble the unit, power it up using an USB OTG cable and access it via adb.

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assuming i did that, do you know what i would be aiming to put on it… original firmware? Where do you get that from? I can’t just sideload the apps etc I did via ADB as the device won’t even boot at the moment. thanks :slight_smile:

I would be aiming at installing a launcher.

I would also install NSPanel pro tools and seaky’s root tool. He also has uploaded some firmware, which you can find a link to under FAQ.

If all that fails, I’m afraid only Sonoff support can solve the issue.

thanks… I’ll try it.
I did hear back from support… it’s a typical response that i’ve heard so many times in places I’ve worked… one of those where on paper they’ve appeared really helpful, but in reality they aren’t giving you an option!!!
Basically it’s send it back to us in China at your own expense, and we’ll reset it… pay for the return postage and we’ll send it to you. P.S This may take weeks and will also potentially cost more than the device is worth… Alternatively we’ll give you 10% off a new one if you buy it from our store direct!!! LOL!!! I heard a similar kind of thing from Apple once… never bought an apple product again!
Silly really, as I was planning on buying about 10 of these for my house… I’ll not buy any now!

Yeah, that it a crap answer. All they need to do is delete the record on their server. The worst is getting a support agent that has no idea and just follow the check list.

I hope you can get it fixed.

PS. My NSPanel Pro is running fine, but I’m honestly not that impressed with the speed of the thing, and don’t really use it anymore.

Oh and make sure you’ve done the factory reset properly. As soon as you see the Sonoff logo, pull the power, wait 5 seconds and plug it in again. This has to be done 5 times and it can be finicky. I had to try a couple of times before it worked.

I got the factory reset to work no problem @zenzay42 … but I continuely spam with the adb devices -l once it’s done it and rebooted, but nothing… and I ran that command every .5 second!!! Do you konw when the computer is supposed to be able to see the device?

did yo

Did you find a suitable alternative??? I’m really after something light switch (UK) size - ie the NSpanel Pro to replace the switches I already have.

I’m assuming you’ve rooted the device.
I never get any results with the adb devices -l command either. I just skipped that bit and connected to it with the IP and it worked fine.

adb tcpip 5555
adb shell ip -o a
adb connect <ip>

I haven’t looked for an alternative, because I never intended to use it as a light switch. I just wanted a nice little display for Home Assistant. I’m using run-of-the-mill zigbee switches in my house. It’s an old house and something like NSPanel wouldn’t fit in the sockets anyway.

I don’t think my device is connected to the wifi anymore??? It’s completely reset?? it doesn’t boot at all and only goes to the QR tag… so no IP address???

If you’ve done a factory reset it won’t have the wifi credentials anymore, so I guess your only chance is to take it apart and try using an USB OTG cable between the unit and your computer. Once you’ve rooted the device you’ve unfortunately lost the warranty and Sonoff really doesn’t like you anymore.

yup - I’ve got it sat on my desk connected to a OTG cable right now… unfortunately no matter how and when I type adb devices - l, it just doesn’t show any devices… the cable powers the device up just fine… but nothing shows up as connected via USB. I’m using Linux Mint.

Hmm it being Linux it could perhaps (I’m guessing) be permission related? Have you tried running adb as root?

I’m running out of ideas though.

tried on windows too, so i don’t think it’s that

I’m afraid you’re probably f*cked. After a factory reset, adb is apparently blocked and only way to activate the device is to use the eWeLink app. However, since you’ve rooted the device, Sonoff has a record of that on their servers and refuse to activate the device. I searched on the net and nobody seems to have a solution that doesn’t involve Sonoff support. I’m sorry, I’ve mislead you thinking you could unbrick it with a USB OTG cable, as that does not seem possible :pensive:

If any lesson is to be made, it’s this; Never use the eWeLink app after you’ve rooted the device.

very true that - leave the app alone!!! I wanted to enable the zigbee router option… ooophs. cheers for your efforts though