NSPanel Setup

I’m following the guide to get the NSPanel firmware updated and flashed… I think I’m very close but the very last step seems to be giving me trouble…

I’m on this step in the How To Video

  • The device’s firmware is flashed
  • In ESPHome is showing up as “Online”
  • The device shows up in my device list and is reporting back sensor data
  • The blueprint is setup and is showing up under Automations
  • When I press the “Update TFT Display” button it shows the button press but nothing ever happens on the display

I read something about changing the baud rate in ESPHome but it’s not clear where I’m supposed to do that…

Here I think


I am trying to configure the panel according to the instructions at the Blackymas github. I have parts of it working, but it won’t update the display. from the logs, the Nextion upload is failing. Does anyone have any tricks of tips for getting that to work?


15:41:59	[D]	[nextion_upload:191]	
Requesting URL:
15:41:59	[D]	[nextion_upload:225]	
Updating Nextion ...
15:41:59	[D]	[nextion_upload:251]	
Waiting for upgrade response
15:42:01	[D]	[nextion_upload:257]	
Upgrade response is [] - 0 bytes
15:42:01	[D]	[nextion_upload:266]	
preparation for tft update failed 0 ""
15:42:01	[D]	[nextion_upload:329]	
Restarting Nextion
15:42:01	[D]	[script.upload_tft:097]	
Turn off Nextion
15:42:01	[D]	[switch:016]	
'office_panel Screen Power' Turning OFF.
15:42:01	[D]	[switch:055]	
'office_panel Screen Power': Sending state OFF
15:42:01	[D]	[switch:055]	
'office_panel Screen Power': Sending state OFF
15:42:04	[D]	[script.upload_tft:100]	
Turn on Nextion
15:42:04	[D]	[switch:012]	
'office_panel Screen Power' Turning ON.
15:42:04	[D]	[switch:055]	
'office_panel Screen Power': Sending state ON
15:42:06	[D]	[script.upload_tft:091]	
Try #3
15:42:06	[D]	[script.upload_tft:092]	
Setting Nextion protocol reparse mode to passive
15:42:06	[D]	[main:2485]	
Exit reparse
15:42:08	[D]	[nextion_upload:145]	
Nextion TFT upload requested
15:42:08	[D]	[nextion_upload:146]	
15:42:08	[D]	[nextion_upload:185]	
15:42:08	[D]	[nextion_upload:191]	
Requesting URL:
15:42:08	[D]	[nextion_upload:225]	
Updating Nextion ...
15:42:08	[D]	[nextion_upload:251]	
Waiting for upgrade response
15:42:10	[D]	[nextion_upload:257]	
Upgrade response is [] - 0 bytes
15:42:10	[D]	[nextion_upload:266]	
preparation for tft update failed 0 ""
15:42:10	[D]	[nextion_upload:329]	
Restarting Nextion
15:42:10	[D]	[script.upload_tft:097]	
Turn off Nextion
15:42:10	[D]	[switch:016]	
'office_panel Screen Power' Turning OFF.
15:42:10	[D]	[switch:055]	
'office_panel Screen Power': Sending state OFF
15:42:14	[D]	[script.upload_tft:100]	
Turn on Nextion
15:42:14	[D]	[switch:012]	
'office_panel Screen Power' Turning ON.
15:42:14	[D]	[switch:055]	
'office_panel Screen Power': Sending state ON
15:42:15	[E]	[script.upload_tft:104]	
TFT upload failed.

Make sure you have the latest version as there was issues with transferring the TFT file on some of the versions around September. Also within your /config/www directory ensure you have the nspanel_us.tft file present. If I remember the www folder isn’t there by default think I had to create it. You can test by going to a browser in another machine on your network and entering

Should download a copy of the tft file to your downloads folder.


I think there must be some kind of timing bug. I finally managed to get the Nextion display to update, but I didn’t do anything. I just reflashed it repeatedly while trying to make sense of the logs, and one time, it worked.

Now it is stuck on the boot screen, and the log is saying:

13:08:11	[D]	[script.check_versions:2149]	
Blueprint version: 
13:08:11	[E]	[script.check_versions:2150]	
Blueprint version mismatch!

I updated the blueprint to the latest version, I think.

Al least I am farther along than I was.

I’d grab the latest version of the blueprint and restart HA, it is fussy about versions. I have found if the blueprint version is shown as blank on the boot screen you have a version conflict. You need to upgrade the blueprint manually, instructions here.

Sounds like you are close.


You are best to follow the “official” thread for that Blueprint rather than creating a new thread…

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Having some issues getting my panel working.
First off, I got the panel flashed and it boots successfully - but I cannot get any automations to load to it. Something is working because on boot it always shows the correct time and it sometimes shows the panel temp sensor - but thats it. When it boots up it just shows the ESPHome version of 4.1.2 and the TFH panel of 4.1.2, but it never shows the Blueprint version.
All featurs work as expected on the ESPHome devices screen and it responds to load TFH, Reboot, Right click and Left click and shows the correct temperature.

I am running this on a Odroid N2 with 2Gb of memory - but unfortunately it will not compile on the N2 using ESPHome addon due to the error:

xtensa-esp32-elf-g++: fatal error: Killed signal terminated program as compilation terminated.

which I understand is an out of memory error at root. I compiled the .bin file successfully on my Ubuntu laptop using ESPHome and my laptop flashed it onto the NSPanel using a serial-USB adapter. I do not know if compiling on the laptop has introduced issues as there is very little documentation as to how to do this (even though the out of memory error is common enough on anything with less than 4gb of onboard memory).

I am going round in circles here, no automation strategy works - neither the Blueprint or the onboard devices automation in HomeAssistant. Its been a steep learning curve to get to this stage and I am out of ideas as to how to proceed. I am seeing no useful logs within HA logs, but have a suspicion that I am hitting the baud rate issue (but dont know how to get around it if I am).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I hate to abandon a project but this one is pushing me to my technical limits as nothing has gone as described in the guides. HA is a hugely frustrating project as it changes so quickly that it seems to render any guidance out of date almost as soon as it is given.