NSPanel wifi issues

HI guys, so i just recently flashed an NS Panel with ESP home for the backymass blueprint automation.
all went ok, but the issue im having is that the NSPanel wont connect on my Ubiquity UAP AC Lite access point. i have two separate SSID one for 2.4ghz and another 5ghz,
in the secret info i have the proper SSID and password. but it wont connect.

When i try to connect it on another access point (nano station M2) it connects fine without any issue.
the problem is that the nano station access point is my outdoor access point and the UAP AC lite is my indoor AP, where i will have the sonoff panels.
i have looked through the settings of each access point but did not find any differences in configuations.

the nano station m2 is an older type of access point, but works great.
the UAP AC lite is also several years old, so its not some new technology compatiility issue - i assume, but im really lost on what the problem could be.

does anyone have any ideas or tips what to check and try ?
i really dont want to add another AP just for the NS panels to work inside the house.

thank you for any suggestions or tips.