NSURLErrorDomain error -1202

Hello, for a few days now I can no longer access either remotely or locally from the APP for iOS. I’m sure it is not a problem of certificates, because from the APP for Mac instead I can connect both locally and remotely.
I have a static IP hence don’t use ducndns and the certificate is provided from let’s encrypt.
please help me


same error here, since DST Root CA X3 Expiration (using Let’s Encrypt for my certificates) the iOS app shows the same message. A new valid Root CA is now used for the certificate from Let’s Encrypt so everything is fine, except for iOS. Even uninstall / install does not the trick. As if the app downloaded the all old certificate with old Root CA and keep it in memory.

Android, PC, browsers… everything is fine except HA iOS app :frowning:

Any solution found? I seem to have the same. Running my own HA, but no possibility to get the iOS app running. iOS 15.1.

Also looking for a solution. Issue is with iOS only

After reviewing the settings in the iOS app, I noticed that my external URL was missing the port, after adding https://external.tld:port it worked. I am using pfsense along with HAProxy for addressing

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I ran into this issue too, the other day. In my case, through SLLlabs I found out I was not sending the fullchain.pem, but the cert.pem. It was missing the intermediate certificate.

Changing my NGINX (host with supervised) to point to the fullchain.pem file of letsencrypt solved the issues for me. Hope this helps someone else in the future!

I have the same problem with my Home Assistant IPhone App. How can I solve this problem?

enable data in home assistant app settings on ios (your phone settings not in app)

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Solved mine error :+1: