NTC Thermister rogue measurement?

Hi everyone,

I have ntc thermistor connected to esphome. if I connect +ve to 3.3 directly, no issue with the measurment. everything is working as intended.

I followed the advised as detaile in section Self-heating https://esphome.io/components/sensor/ntc.html what i do not understand is that I started seeing rogue measurement after defined internal. The sensor values are correct. After the switch is turned off, I see rogue measurement in the log. I added delay and capacitor with no improvement.

snip of esphome codes are as follows,

# Sensors with general information.
  - platform: ntc
    sensor: GPIO33resistance_sensor
      b_constant: 3950
      reference_temperature: 25°C
      reference_resistance: 10kOhm
    name: GPIO33 Temperature

  - platform: resistance
    id: GPIO33resistance_sensor
    sensor: GPIO33source_sensor
    configuration: DOWNSTREAM
    resistor: 10kOhm
    name: GPIO33Resistance Sensor

  - platform:  adc
    id:  GPIO33source_sensor
    attenuation: auto
    #  - multiply: 3.3
    pin:  GPIO33
    #update_interval:  20s

  - platform: restart
    name: "${friendly_name} Restart"
    id: restart_switch

  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO5
    id: ntc_vcc

  - interval: 60s
      - switch.turn_on: ntc_vcc
      - delay: 10s
      - component.update: GPIO33source_sensor
      - switch.turn_off: ntc_vcc

any help greatly appreciated with thanks.