Nubie to zigbee, need recommendation

I want to start building my zigbee device, where should I start? Should I buy USB dongle or get like Sonoff ZBBridge? Any advice?

Out of stock at the moment but I highly recommend Tubes’ CC2652P2 Based Zigbee to Ethernet Serial Coordinator

There’s a PoE version now too. Though it’s easy enough to power the other one with something like this: 5V Micro USB PoE Splitter | Jaycar Electronics

The advantage is that you can put it a long way from your HA server, where you get the best coverage, with just one LAN cable.

The Sonoff ZBBridge is not great from what I have been reading on Discord. Any CC2652P2 based coordinator will be better.

there are a lot of pinned posts here you should read: (HA Zigbee Discord invite)

heemm its not available though…

Yes that’s what I said:

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