NUC HA OS Installation Help

I just installed Home Assistant OS directly to the SSD on my NUC using the instruction from the site. Everything went great and I was able to bring up HA using the homeassistant.local:8123 address. I was able to take my old backups and restore them to get my HA backup and running. I was using Proxmox with an LXC container but was having issues with it so decided to go all in on just putting the NUC as HA host. The issue I am running into is that I can’t not seem to set a static address to it and the MAC it is giving me is not the one on the bottom of the NUC. Is there a way to set any of this? If so how? I tried in the CLI but I could not find where to do it. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Have you tried this in the supervisor panel?

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Hey thanks that worked. Appreciate it!