NUC image flashed, rebooted, what next?

I flashed the SSD disk with the latest NUC image 4.8 and re-booted NUC.

The console log looks OK but I can’t reach the HA web page, neither via http://homeassistant.local:8123 nor via IP address.

Logged into shell with root and ha core info shows the IP address

The command “login” brought me to OS shell. The ip addr shows the correct IP address:, which I an also ping from another computer.

Is this the problem and how to fix?

Are you able to reach it through

Not sure your network is able to determine by name.

NUC is connected to home network via LAN, shown in router with IP address. is out of that domain, unreachable by ping.

Hmm. Sorry, I figured it might have been too obvious, but I am out of ideas. Not sure how HA gets an IP in a NUC as I´m using an RPI myself.