NUC into sleep, why?


I am using a NUC with proxmox and HA. Sometimes it looks like the NUC goes into sleep (I’m not sure), but I don’t know why. Does someone know why?
The second thing is that I would like to know when HA is unresponsive (for instance when the NUC goes into sleep, or something different happened). How could this be done? Is there a way that I could ping it (on daily or hourly basis) with an Android phone?

Thanks in advance!

check your BIOS setup, if it goes to sleep then there must be something to set it up.

I did a quick check in my BIOS, however I couldn’t find something specific about going into sleep.
Any other things I could check?

In the Intel BIOS, you’d specifically want to review “energy saving” or “green” options and settings. Sorry, it’s been a long time since I had my NUC in BIOS mode. :frowning:

Ok, so any “energy saving” or “green” options should be turned off?

Pretty much, yes. They save energy by putting areas of the motherboard (including the CPU!) into Sleep mode.

Ok thanks, I will have another look into it!