Nuc12 Pro remove wifi/bluetooth & install coral M.2 key E?

I’m not very computer savvy, so take at easy on me.
Here is the info let me know if anything else is required.
Intel NUC 12 PRO mini-PC NUC12WSKI50YC, i5-1240P
PCIe x4 Gen 4: M.2 22x80 (key M) used for SSD
PCIe x1 Gen 3: M.2 22x42 (key B) empty
PCIe x1: M.2 22x30 (key E)
Home Assistant is on Odroid

I have a Coral mini PCIe card and thought there might be an adaptor card for the key b, but the case is very compact and I had a hard time finding an adaptor that would work on any device.
Can swap the Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX211 (Gig+) M.2 E card with a new coral M.2 E card? This is the only one I have access to, if this works might change it for a dual if I’m lucky enough to find one. Any issues removing the WiFi card? For now it will only be used for frigate, maybe as I learn I’ll add more. Using ethernet so no need for Wifi.

Thank you


Most adapters with exception of adapter available through maker do not allow both TPU to function so direct m.2 will be best. You can always get usb dongle for wifi

Thanks, didn’t want to buy one and have it not work. Great to know about the dual.

Im sure single tpu will work but forget if both tpu will work simultaneously in pcie x 1.

This is only adapter that allowed both tpu to work just in case

This github link has good info about problem