Nue Zigbee 9w smart rgbw downlight and scenes

I’ve just purchased a few Nue downlights, which are accessed in home assistant by pairing them with my Hue hub and using the Hue integration.

Apart from a Quatra LED strip (also accessed via the Hue ecosystem), this is my first time using anything with colour capabilities. I’m finding a weird behaviour trying to use scenes. If I try to set colours with a scene these downlights are turning on to the dimmest possible setting and not changing colour. Changing the entity in my scene from these lights to my Quatra LED strip, I get the behaviour I expect on the LED strip. If I apply colour effects manually to the lights via the UI they work fine. If I call the light.turn_on service and try to apply a colour, I get the same behaviour as the scene - turns on to minimum brightness - until I call the service again. Anyone had this kind of experience and found any workarounds?