NUKI 3.0 PRO does not connect

Is it supported? Because it does not connect

No it is not. Missing API access according to:



You could get the bridge or alternatively play around with

Nuki 3 Pro support welcome :slight_smile: Any update soon ?

Current integrations (official one and the custom one) both use the Local API and thus require the Nuki brige.

For very basic features if you’re in the Apple world you could integrate the 3.0 PRO using the HomeKit Controller.

The best way really is:

…or prepare by installing MQTT addon and wait for the new 3.5.x NUKI firmware bringing MQTT support - so you can likely (probably?) directly integrate the 3.0 PRO into HA without any additional hardware or software component. At least that’s what I’m hoping for :wink:

Nuki NG works flawlessly. However, only through web API. Check it out.

You have to connect to to enable web API and generate an API token. When adding your Nuki Pro 3.0, you can leave the HTTP API token field empty. Just add the web API token.

So I’m thinking of getting a Ultion Nuki lock uk. I have a choice of the pro or normal and a gen 4 v gen 3. The pro sounds better with no hub and battery pack but what gen works best with home assistant. There are some small updates to the gen 4 and matter support. Any advice please. Thanks