Nuki 4th Generation

HI All, I’m thinking of buying a Nuki PRo Smart Lock. I can see some articles about integrating a Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 with Home Assistant. However I don’t see anything about the Niki Pro 4th Generation.

As far as I can see the Nuki has Matter and can use MQTT. So …

You can also find topics about the 4. For instance here:

You can integrate it using MQTT and Matter. With Matter you have less information (e.g. locking events from the door itself, or keypad battery state). It also does not yet have door open commands for European style locks (that have unlatch and unlock) until Matter 1.2 arrives. Personally I also have some instability problems using Matter, but others do not, so ymmv. And Matter is still beta…

MQTT is fully functional. I’m very happy with it. Using the 4th generation pro with the keypad version 2. I did not buy the door sensor, I do not miss it because I already had an Aqara door sensor, and HA automations come a long way to replicate the functionality.

Thanks Edwin for the reply

I think I’ll be able to make MQTT work. Just wondering how this then integrated in HA. WIll HA make sensors automatically? And how can you send unlock commands from HA to the lock?