Nuki - Feature require: Add sensor for Activity log

I hope for a new feature in the Nuki integration.
There is an Activity log in the nuki app, in which all the open/lock log with user name and time can be seen. I hope this log can also be shown up in home assistant with a sensor with its attributes for example:
Last operation: Locked / Unlocked / Opened door
User name: xxx
Last operation time: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss

I know this integration is not used by that many people, but really hope for this. Thanks!

This is already provided by Home Assistant’s logbook view. It can even tell you who triggered what.

Execuse me, where can I find that information? I have only one single entity (the lock) under this integration. I didn’t see this in attributes. How can I use the information in automation?

Look at that entity in the logbook or the history views.

As for who opened the door, I would not know how to get that info.

In the log of Entity there is only status “Locked”/“Unlocked”, but when the lock is Opened from Unlocked status, this will not be seen. What I expect here is exactly the time of Opened and its User Name.
Here is an example. This activity log can be seen from Nuki app or Web. We can see here either Nuki Bridge or Manual or the User Name who open the door, and the time.
This information can also be used by IFTTT as trigger, so I guess Home Assistant is also possible to obtain it?

Hello, happy new year!
I hope this feature might be realized in the new year:)