Nuki integration does not authenticate after upgrade to 2024.2.1

Hi, I just upgraded to HA 2024.2.1 from 2024.1.6 and now my Nuki Lock Integration is not working anymore. It demands a re-authentication, but rejects the correct token. I did not change anything in my setting and verified, that the same token is still valid.
Settings are: callback enabled and http connection.
Any help is appreciated.

I can access the bridge via this command[TOKEN]
and get a good answer from it.

same here. do you have a solution?

Yes, I created an issue on GitHub and got great help. Essentially it turned out that the time stamp of my Nuki bridge and Home Assistant was to much apart. After a complete system restart not only „home assistant restart“. The time difference was solved and I could reauthenticate.
Hope that helps.

ok thanks. my issue was much easier. Nuki had a maintenance downtime today… I have updated exactly on that time…