Nuki Integration issues (not Nuki_NG)


I am trying to use the “official” Nuki integration Nuki - Home Assistant and I am unable to get this working.
Adding the integration always ends with “Aborted” and that’s it.

I am using a Nuki 1 with a Nuki Bridge. The app itself works fine. I also tested the access token a 100 times but I enter the right one, as soon as I enter a different one I also get an authentication error.
So I must assume that the integration setup process or even the integration is broken.


I know that there is another integration GitHub - kvj/hass_nuki_ng: Better support for Nuki devices in the Home Assistant but I would like avoid using external sources as good as possible, even though the featureset of nuki_ng is much better than the HA integration.

I also collected some other people having one or the other issue with the integration. I also see that there are some code changes on the github repo of the integration, so lets see how far we get with the community before raising an issue on github.

I found some github issue too. I reference the latest one, should be enough


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I do have an update on this, after fiddling around I was able to get the integration added and connected to the bridge :slight_smile:

But now I am at the point the others are too. There is one entity and the integration view looks little weird

But it seems to work, I can unlock the Nuki and lock it again :slight_smile:
A little bit more information would be great but ok, at least a starting point.