Nuki Smart Lock and Matter (or mqtt)

The new NUKI Smartlock (Gen4) supports Matter.
Anyone out there, who uses Matter on the NUKI already?

One of the Matter devs has one, but hasn’t yet got it installed. Hopefully they’ll post updates (in Discord) when they get it going.

Thank you @Tinkerer
Am I right assuming, that a NUKI bridge is not needed if Matter is used?

That’s what their own FAQs state, yes.

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Oh, you do need a Thread gateway though, such as a newer generation of Google Home Hub or Apple HomePod.

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Alright - thank you.
I just thought, that HA would be able to mimic the Hub (like a Hue emulation or such).

Well, yes, but no.

You could make HA a Thread Border Router (TBR), but the Thread devs will tell you not to - it’s not as stable as Google/Apple yet.

The hub can also use Bluetooth, and for that you’re better off using an ESP and

Awesome - ESP32 sounds good.
I will look into it.
Thank you.

I have bought the NUKI 4 Pro and have been trying to install it for a few days, but unfortunately without success. It’s not because of my Matter integration. Other devices such as the Hue Bridge can be integrated without any problems

Thank you for your response.
Which Thread Hub do you have? (Google, etc.?)
My system is based on Alexa and the Nuki support told me, that it will support Alexa Thread Hubs (Echo devices) in Q1 2024

I use this dongle as a Zigbee and Thread gateway.

Be careful, this Dongle is not yet supported:

Thank you for sharing this option.

According to the info I found you need to flash the dongle to support Matter Thread (the EFR32MG21 SoC chip supports this obviously).
Enabling Thread and Matter on Sonoff ZBDongle-E - SmartHomeScene

There is a flashed one available in Germany:
I also use this shop also for ready to go tasmota flashed devices since quite a while.
SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus ZBDongle-E Sky Connect – mediarath - Martin Damrath

With a lot of patience I managed to get NUKI Pro 4 into HomeKit. It is now available there as a simple “open / closed” switch. How do I get this lock via Matter in Home Assistant? The “NUKI Lock” integration is currently running via the old bridge. It works, but is very slow. When Matter is activated, it is apparently no longer possible to connect the lock such as WiFi and MQTT… It’s really hair-tearing… I have opened a Support request with NUKI…

Thank you for your feedback.
That does not sound promising.
I just received my Nuki Gen 4 Pro yesterday and will see how it works.

Why do you use the bridge? Shoudn’t the PRO work genericly with MQTT and Homeassistant without the bridge?

I will try matter once amazons echos are supported (2024 according to nuki support)

Just a quick update.
I install the Nuki smart lock GEN 4 pro and it works like a charm with MQTT.
So there is no need for my site for matter

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I have a new Nuki 4 (no PRO and no bridge or anything else), which I added to Apple Home via Matter using a Homepod.

My HA instance is a docker container (no supervised install). I’ve created the matter server with docker (GitHub - home-assistant-libs/python-matter-server: Python server to interact with Matter) and connected with the integration in HA. So the HA or Matter instances has no own thread or bluetooth interface.

I’ve activated the pairing for the Nuki in the Apple Home App, opened the Home Assistant App and added a Matter device… After a few tries (read and follow the instructions on the matter server readme about ipv6), it was working.


Congratulations! Did you use the iPhone Home Assistant App, or the Android version?

iPhone, as I added the Nuki to Apple Home. But I think it schouldn‘t be to much different on Android.

The Nuki needs to be added to a thread/matter-compartible Apple, Google, Samsung or Alexa bridge. Than enable the pairing mode for Nuki in the corresponding app.

The sharing between matter bridges should work with all vendors. This isn’t a apple feature.

Adding in HA should be the same as on iPhone: Settings > Devices > Add Matter device… than scan QR code or enter paring code.


Af far as I know, Alexa / Echo Devices are not supported yet.
This will follow later this year according to the NUKI support.


I’m in the same situation as fago:

I bought a Nuki 4.0 Pro with Matter and without bridge.
I have Home Assistant with the usb sonoff zigbee dongle which I flashed to get the matter functionality and thought I could connect the Nuki directly to HA which this was. but for now it didn’t work.

Everything was ok fare, when I scan the QR code in the companion app it makes a few steps but the last step “checking network” of the device adding procedure fails. I have no other Matter device so I cannot check if my network is really not ok.

Now I read there is another way with MQTT. I’m fully new in MQTT as I use ZHA integration in HA.
I added the addon Mosquitto and the Integration MQTT. When I try to connect the Nuki via MQTT it says error (8D or 8A or 85). Which information do I have to fill out in “host name”, “username” and “passwort” to connect?

Would be great to find a way to integrate the nuki in Home assistant, that was the reason why I bought it :smiling_face: