Number Format Madness

WHY number formatting dependent chosen language (how one could even brought this idea?)

I do not want to use HA in Turkish but I want use 123.456,78 format for numbers!! And why did you put this options there if they are not working2023-11-01 00_05_18-Profile – Home Assistant

You assume it’s not supposed to override the default? Maybe it is supposed to override the default language selection for numbers and it’s not working your case for some reason?

Im pretty sure that if you go there and select something other than the language default the INTENT is that it works. That’s the way I read that UI. Hey Turkish, cool oh you don’t want those numbers? Cool we can do that too!

Having number, keyboard and timezone defaults under language / country makes sense in most other OSs why not HAOS?

That said if you’re selecting something OTHER than the default for a language and you’ve rebooted HA and it’s not taking… you may have found bug and I’d open a ticket against it in core on github.

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So many people have an issue with this…

What I’m saying is do not assume because something is not working that someone

Humans are fallable, humans write code therefore code is fallable (no ai doesn’t solve it humans create ai)

There have been reports of various UI and localization issues over time, yes. Specifics I have no clue.

But the UI clearly offers an override of the default and if that override is not being honored it’s probably a bug. The way to report a possible bug is to go to the HA core repository and fill out a bug report.

Here’s the link, have fun!

And this could be as easy as in any modern OS. Something like:
Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 16.09.04

Way it is now configurable in HA just makes my preferred setting impossible :frowning:

Works fine for me, in various “HA-setups” , being Danish, Living in Sweden and Prefers English OS/GUI’s … both Number & Date-Format, is what i choose it to be in HA

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Working with HA 2024.2.1. Where do I find the setting for the number format as shown in picture? Its not in my user or systems settings. I find name, timezone and currency, but not number format

This is how you set it up in macOS. You can make it similar way in Windows and I guess in any other modern OS. Trick is that HAOS does not respect details of system settings, just system locale and selection that is available to user is limited to choices that are not always suiting the needs (in my case there is no possibility to choose space as digits grouping symbol and dot for decimal separator)…

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