Number of installations on the analytics portal

With the integration list, why does it say there are 305 installations for the top integrations:

despite it says there are only 285 installations?

In your instance settings you can control independently what you share. Those counters show how many HA instances were sending this particular kind of information.

So 305 instances were reporting the used integrations, but only 285 shared info about the number of automations, users, etc.

yes, but no. if I visit it say 305 for both, so probably just browser cache

Weird. I’m still getting the same thing, even after a ctrl+shift+r and clearing cookies:

Same here, was my first visit. Cleared cache etc. etc. Same result.

Ignore me!
I forgot that line was added under statistics as well, what @spacegaier said is :100:% correct.

So not many beta testers, only 385 at the moment. I just enabled it on my beta installation.

Since you have to actively take action do enable this i think the numbers are pretty good