Numbered automations created by system? - can't delete

I have two automations that show up in Configuration-Automations called automation_3 and automation_29. I believe these were created from two input buttons I created via the UI, because if I choose “Run Action” in the UI, they run automations tied to those buttons. Those buttons no longer exist (I removed them, and created different buttons in YAML). I cannot edit or delete these automations because they do not have a unique id and those options in the UI are greyed out. Searching all my code, the only place the automations seem to exist is in core.restore.state - but they must exist somewhere else if I can run them. There are other similarly numbered automations in core.restore_state that do not show up in the UI anywhere. How can I get rid of these automations that I don’t need?

I am currently running HA Container 2022.3.8, but these existed previously when I was running HAOS (I just moved my entire config over when I switched install methods a few weeks ago).

Can you delete them from the Configuration / Devices & Services / Entities list?

Thanks for your help, Tom. Nope, not allowed to edit, and I can’t check the checkbox. Same message about not having a unique id and therefore settings cannot be managed from the UI.

What happens if you click on the entity in " Configuration / Devices & Services / Entities list " ? , is it “enabled/disabled” ?, can you click “Disable” , and then " Check/Delete" ?, if not you have to “prevent” automations from “loading” ( In configuration.yaml , commend out " automation: !include automations.yaml " ) restart , then go and try to delete )

They were already disabled, and the checkbox wouldn’t check. I commented out the include for my automations, and now those numbered automations do not show in the list under Configuration / Devices & Services / Entities, or Configuration/Automations, so I still can’t remove them.

99.99% of my config is in YAML. I thought I’d see what the UI editor was like. This kind of craziness is why I’ll be sticking to YAML. I’d love anymore ideas of how to get rid of these automations if anyone has any…

No , they not show, click on the 3 dots up-right, then include “disabled”, then try to delete
edit … sorry the “weird” “wifi” symbol … in top-right corner, under Configuration / Devices & Services / Entities list

I will check developer tools → statistics. Usually there are listed entites with problems so you can try fix issue.

No , they not show, click on the wifi symbol, include “disabled” Configuration / Devices & Services / Entities

@boheme61 They are not listed, even if I show disabled entities (when automation platform is not running).

@ddaniel With and without the automation platform running, they do not show in Dev Tools/Statistics.

Disabling and then re-enabling the automation platform didn’t change anything either, they came back when I re-enabled automations.

well you can always try to manually edit automations.yaml file and delete it there. The same goes for entites. There should be a file somewhere.
Maybe there is problem with your permissions.

You didn’t try to check whether they were still visible in “configuration / automation” and then could delete them there?

PS: I’ve never tried this “procedure” with automations, but with entities belonging to an integration, had to disabled it , before i could delete, so for 1 of the integrations, that was configured in yaml, i had to “commend out” to prevent from loading … but those were “real” entities/sensors/switches

@ddaniel I can’t find the code for those automations, it is not in automations.yaml - if I could find it, I would delete it. As I said in my original post, the only place I can find a reference to these is core.restore_state. I don’t think it is a permissions issue, but I could be wrong.

@boheme61 Yes, I tried that. I have deleted other entities in the past, I understand how it works - it’s just these that are a problem.

I appreciate everyone’s help - just wish we could figure it out.

well it must be in some file. Everything is a file.

P.S. i remembered one situation where I had to find a specific file in a bunch of files. I believe you have linux running home assistant. You can find a pattern eg. entity name in home assistant directory. I cant remember command I used but try google find a word in a files linux

try in /config/.storage “core.entity_registry” … on own risk :wink:

I found them. Apparently when I did this a while back, I wrote two quick automations with no id or alias, because I was just testing things. I never write automations without an alias - except for this one time. I’ve learned my lesson, won’t be stupid like that again! Thanks so much to everyone for your help.

Yeah I was going to say this means it’s in YAML somewhere.

Your “Solution” is not much of a help for others, if you don’t write where you found them and how you removed them :wink:

As that is specific to their settings, it would not be no more use than the perfectly adequate description.

Could be “a hint” to others , if he f.ex. wrote that he found them in a “Card” or “View” etc., as you might have understand that from my “point of view” i was thinking, “Automation” is written under Automations, and therefore stored as such, so i really don’t get your point “perfectly adequate”

Er… how would you find an automation in a card?

That’s unpossible.

Even if you could get the card to save it would not be loaded as an automation. That only happens if you put automations under automations: in your configuration.yaml file (or a file or directory pointed to by an !include).