Numeric state + x

I am trying to figure a way to code a: wait for numeric state + x type trigger.

So for example the steps counter off the phone app, I have basic presence sensing configured using chargers that HA can turn on,off. This tells me that the phone is in the study, step count value of XX.
What would then be good is something like, when steps have increased by x value, then trigger…

I may be able to figure it using a stack of different helper entities, just wondering if this sort of value triggering was available?

Thanks for your time.

I’d go via helper entities. Maybe just one to hold the reference value at a point in time in addition to the normal one holding the current value.

When the latter minus the former exceeds your X value, kick off.

You’ll need another automation to set the reference value at whatever frequency / period / time of day / event, but it shouldn’t be too onerous.

There may be a smarter way to it that I don’t know of.

Thanks Andy, thats kinda the way I went.

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