NUT Additional entities

I just set up my NUT integration with my APC-2200 and I would like to get more states than the default integration gives me. According to the NUT doc, it can support the following:

battery.alarm.threshold 0
battery.charge 089.0
battery.charge.restart 00 01/10/04
battery.packs 000
battery.runtime 21180
battery.runtime.low 120
battery.voltage 52.95
battery.voltage.nominal 048 apcsmart
driver.parameter.pollinterval 2
driver.parameter.port /dev/ttyS0
driver.version 2.2.0-
driver.version.internal 1.99.8
input.frequency 50.00
input.quality 00
input.sensitivity H
input.transfer.high 253
input.transfer.low 196
input.transfer.reason T
input.voltage 000.0
input.voltage.maximum 000.0
input.voltage.minimum 000.0
output.voltage 228.1
output.voltage.nominal 230
ups.delay.shutdown 020
ups.delay.start 000
ups.firmware 80.14.I UPS_IDEN
ups.load 000.0
ups.mfr APC 01/10/04
ups.model SMART-UPS 2200
ups.serial YS0402211565
ups.status OB
ups.temperature 024.7
ups.test.interval 1209600
ups.test.result NO

How can I manually add these entities?

Setting->Device & Services->Integrations Tab-> “Network UPS Tools (NUT)”
Click the “1 Device Link”
Under diagnostic, you will see +XXX entities not shown
Click it, click one you want to show, hit the gear, and then click enable slider. Might take a minute or a reload to show up.

I also had this issue and it was hard to figure out

I looked there but the entities I’m looking for like “Input Voltage” aren’t there.