NUT configuration issue and NUT addon missing

Hi there I’m struggling to set up NUT in order to be able to automate something in the event of grid failure. The UPS is connected to another machine in the LAN and I remember to have done this in the past with the NUT add on which is now missing, among many others, in the present version of homeassistant (2021.12.4). In fact there is a NUT integration but I don’t find a way to set the correct values, moreover I fear that the integration is supposed to work only on a NUT istance running in the same machine where homeassistant runs. Anybody having a clue?
Many thanks

You have to run a NUT “server” on the machine on which the UPS is wired (assuming it’s USB).
The addon would only be used if the UPS is hooked to your HAOS machine itself.

Thank you for your replay. As a matter of fact it is exactly what I’m doing, there is another machine (server) which handles NUT for a UPS which is connected there via USB but I do not succeed in connecting HA to that instance, what I previously did somehow, and I presume I did it with the addon where it was possible to set all the parameters for the NUT instance on the other server. Am I missing something? By the way that addon among many others disappeared on the new version of HA hence I’m not able to try it out.