Nut instant commads not working after server upgrade to supported/health and not sure how to fix

I have rebuilt my server, Lenovo M73, to get the system into a healthy and supported state. Basically changed from base OS Ubuntu to Debian 10 and supervised install. I was able to use sshpass in the past, but my understanding is that I can’t do so now.

Example old command line:

 command_on: echo 'sudo docker exec  addon_a0d7b954_nut upscmd -u nut -p pm9600,sa drups test.battery.start.deep' | sshpass -p xxxxxxx ssh [email protected]

From the home assistant command line this works:

docker exec addon_40d7b954_nut upscmd -u admin -p pm9600sa DR_UPS beeper.enable

However from a command line switch it does not work.

command_on: echo 'docker exec addon_40817795_nut upscmd -u admin -p pm9600sa DR_UPS beeper.enable'

Logged error message:

ERROR (SyncWorker_13) [homeassistant.components.command_line.switch] Command failed: docker exec addon_40817795_nut upscmd -u admin -p pm9600sa DR_UPS beeper.enable

Current system information:

System Health

version: core-2021.2.3
installation_type: Home Assistant Supervised
dev: false
hassio: true
docker: true
virtualenv: false
python_version: 3.8.7
os_name: Linux
os_version: 4.19.0-13-amd64
arch: x86_64
timezone: America/Chicago

GitHub API: ok
Github API Calls Remaining: 4845
Installed Version: 1.11.3
Stage: running
Available Repositories: 749
Installed Repositories: 10

host_os: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
update_channel: stable
supervisor_version: supervisor-2021.02.9
docker_version: 20.10.2
disk_total: 218.1 GB
disk_used: 10.0 GB
healthy: true
supported: true
supervisor_api: ok
version_api: ok
installed_addons: Backup Hassio to Google Drive (1.7.2), Dropbox Sync (1.3.0), Duck DNS (1.12.5), FTP (4.0.0), File editor (5.2.0), Log Viewer (0.9.1), RPC Shutdown (2.2), WireGuard (0.5.0), Mosquitto broker (5.1), SSH & Web Terminal (8.0.1), Samba share (9.3.0), TasmoAdmin (0.14.0), motionEye (0.11.0), AdGuard Home (3.0.0), Portainer (1.4.0), Glances (0.11.0), Check Home Assistant configuration (3.6.0), DHCP server (1.2), Network UPS Tools (0.6.2)

dashboards: 1
resources: 3
views: 16
mode: storage

Thanks Matt