NUT Server with APC Back UPS disconnects every view hours

Hi Forum!

I’ve integrated NUT into my Home Assistant, but recognized connection lost messages from my UPS.

My installation: APC Back UPS > USB > Raspberry Pi > LAN > Home Assistant (OS on another Raspberry)

I don’t think it is a Home Assistant problem because when I plug out the USB from the UPS and plug it back in it will reconnect immediatly.

My second UPS (connected to a Synology NAS) is connected by NUT integration without problems.

Does anyone know about this problem and can give me a hint to solve it?

Thanks community!

I have a similar thing happening to me.

I found I needed to just restart the NUT driver on the machine running NUT

So I created a shell command that I run whenever home assistant detects that the UPS is offline.

  ha_restart_nut_driver: ssh -l finity "sudo upsdrvctl start"

you will need to set up your various linux machines to be able to have HA run commands on the remote RPi.

in my case my NUT server is on the same macine as HA. But as long as you set up ssh access between the two machines it should work.