NVIDIA GPU External Enclosure to Intel NUC pcie m2

My current HA hardware for HA and Frigate (Intel NUC G3) doesn’t appear to have any GPU acceleration. At least, not that I know of or can figure out.

I understand that I can
a) Get a m2 PCIE expansion slot and put it in the NUC
b) Run a cable from the m2 PCIE expansion slot to an external PCI enclosure w/ power
c) Put some nVidia GPUs into the external PCI enclosure

Does this sound right? Any recommendations on PCI enclosure, Nvidia GPU or M2 PCIE cards to buy? These things are expensive and while I can do my own research, I am not finding much online about it and I don’t want to make an expensive mistake :wink:

or that…

Will it work on HAOS, probably not, so you would need to get more complicated with your install most likely.

seems it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a cheap used gaming PC that has a GTX GPU in it already