Nvidia shield remote reprogram


The shield-remote has buttons for volume-up and volume-down. I would like to trap these commands, and use it as a trigger for an automation which controls the volume of my AV-receiver.
The script for controlling this volume is easy, and is working.
How can I trgger this script? I have tried something like this:

  - platform: event
    event_type: call_service
      domain: androidtv
      service: androidtv.adb_command
        entity_id: media_player.shield
        command: VOLUME_UP

It looks as if the androidtv.adb_command is not a service?

anyone a solution?


hey André. Awesome that I found your thread here.

I had similar plans. In my case I am thinking about to connect my remote with bluetooth to my homeassistant and let him send the commands to a device I want.

The background:
nvidia had a nice hardware but no plan howto integrate that in the real world. I own the newest remote. This one
For example: I am able to setup the ir device, my tv, on the shieldtv but I can not change tv-channels after switchting to the tv-mode.

Your problem. Can you explain how you would like to get the “BUTTON_PRESSED” event from the remote?
And is there a reason why you do not use the internal ir-function on the remote?

Hi JamieMe,

I think I made a mistake by assuming the buttons on the remote trigger an androidtv.adb_command.
They cause an action on the shield and trigger nothing in HA.
Only the vol-up en vol-down act different, they send an IR-signal. This signal can be used for conventional IR-operated electronics.
So I am on a false track!

The reason I don’t use the IR-function on the remote is simple. The AVR is placed not in sight.
I am planning to use a broadlink transmitter. This can be integrated with HA. Maybe I can trap the Nvidia remote ir-signal in HA.


what is about a IR extender:
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And just to get a mind of your area. Is your Homeassistant device near your tv-area?