Nvidia Shield TV - Notifications


I just got a new Nvidia Shield TV and I am planning to put these boxes around the house, but I’m curious if anyone got Notifications working on these devices.

Would someone be so kind to show their Shield / Notification setup or maybe tell if this isn’t working at all on this device?

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Maybe very late answer and you figured it out already; I was just digging answers to related matter and noted this “open”…

Indeed it is working. What I have is nfandroidtv in place and then suitable automations w/notify in place.

Works every time. It just got updated, and per my knowledge allows images to be send as well (like movement triggered cameras) as notifications - which I am NOT able to get working. Any luck with my question? :slight_smile:


No worries and thanks for the reply though!
I used that integration yes and it works flawlessly.

My mistake I did not post and update myself on this one, as I got it solved.

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