NVR Camera system for HA

Hi all,

I’m starting to think about setting up some cameras and an nvr system that can talk with HA.
I’ve read many threads about it but I’m still a bit confused on where to start.

First of all I would like to know what would be the best choice between Blue Iris and MotionEye having in mind HA integration of course.

After that my big dilemma is which camera should I buy and for this choice I’ve some constraint:

  • only wifi camera (I know it is not the best solution for a surveillance system but I can’t cable my house);
  • ip camera (of course);
  • external power supply so I don’t have to worry about battery;
  • no need for internet connection to work;
  • compatibile with Blue Iris and/or MotionEye;
  • compatibile with HA;

I hope someone can give me the right hints to make a good decision on this setup.


If you are looking for 4K over wifi than you need something that uses h.265 encoding right off the bat because otherwise you will not probably have the bandwidth needed. Just a FYI when looking at cams.
GeoVision has been recommened to me in the past as a great cam however I have been very pleased with Amcrest

Thanks @JimmyJones79 for your suggestions.