NVR/facial recognition recommendations?

I currently have a bunch of ubnt cameras, and a handful of RTSP PoE cameras.

I was using the Ubiquiti integration with my Dream Machine Pro, but the camera display in HA is a hot mess.

I thought I had decided on Blue Iris and Deepstack for NVR and AI/facial recognition - until I tried to add the Blue Iris integration to HA via HACS and it never showed up under integrations. Then I searched on here, and found out that it is no longer being supported. SO - now I’m looking for something else…

I have a NUC running Windows 10 that I can use for this (i5/16GB) with a 2TB SSD in it. I don’t have any *nix or docker stuff, nor any proxmox/vSphere.

Any recommendations on something that has responsive cameras in the HA mobile app, and can integrate with Deepstack (or similar) to do facial recognition/object detection?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve pretty much given up on it. Tried to piece together enough info to actually make it work, but didn’t have much luck.

Bottom line… It’s pretty much useless and not worth the effort. Looks like most people are using nfc or Bluetooth tags to accomplish similar results.

I have no idea how you think using nfc or bluetooth tags would accomplish “similar results”. That’s not even REMOTELY close to the same thing.

Thank you for your input on the feasibility of it though. That’s pretty much where I ended up…

I wanted to use facial recognition for presence sensing. That way every area of the house could respond according to who was in the area. I think there is a way to do with bluetooth. I just got back into home automation, so I have a lot of area’s yet to explore.

Sure, maybe? I’ve seen lots of hacked-together presence detection setups, some better than others.

But, none of them will ever be what functional facial recognition is. The inconvenience of needing to have a piece of hardware - or having to give every regular visitor to your house a piece of hardware - is a massive detractor. I want my cameras to figure out which buddy just pulled in the driveway, and then my audio system to announce it. “Jason just pulled in the driveway” or “UPS just pulled up out front”. Those things you can never get with Bluetooth or anything similar.

So, while you may be able to accomplish some specific goal a different way, to claim “similar results” is disingenuous at best.