NVR recommendations for docker

I’m looking at moving all my various server instances onto a single machine running everything in docker. As part of the migration, I want to integrate an NVR to record my local cameras.

I’ve never used an NVR before, so I’m looking for advice on what to choose. Here are the options I’m aware of:

  • Blue Iris (not sure if it’ll run inside docker)
  • Motion (have seen folks saying that it’s not getting much love recently)
  • Shinobi (no idea about this one at all)
  • ZoneMinder (currently have this one working inside docker, but haven’t looked at integrating with home assistant yet)

Here are the features I’d like to have:

  • Connect to rtsp cameras (obviously)
  • Web based GUI for management
  • Integration into Home Assistant
    • Motion detection events
    • Camera feeds rendered in lovelace
    • Capture stills based on Home Assistant events (e.g. connectable via automations)
    • Potential for PTZ controls (if I ever end up getting cameras that have that feature)

Any advice or experience you can share is welcome! I’m brand-new to the whole concept of network video recorders, so there’s likely to be things I haven’t yet thought of that I’ll need help with.


Have used MotionEye addon in HassIO but not liking it. Very high cpu usage and clunky interface. Testing ZoneMinder soon.

I like MotionEye and found just the opposite about cpu usage. Zonemider was the greedy one. BUT, most of my cameras dont do motion detection (I trigger it from motion detectors/HA).