NWS Integration Polling Interval

How do i modify the API polling interval for the NWS (National Weather Service) integration so that the data can be polled more frequently. Where does HA now store the YAML configuration for this integration as my config,yaml is mostly empty. I am a NOOB just entering the HA world

You can read about the 2021.6 Disable Automatic Polling Feature. It goes on to say you can then use an automation to poll the entities controlled by the integration as you like.
To disable polling for an integration, UI->Settings->Integrations, pick your integration (NWS) and click on the 3-dots and select “System options” and turn off “Enable polling for updates”. You can then create an automation something like:

              - platform: time_pattern
                seconds: "/15"
                service: homeassistant.update_entity
                  - weather.XXXX_daynight

If you use any of the NWS Sensors, what I don’t know is if an update for the weather entity will also update the sensors…you’ll have to play with it and see.

Thank you. That was a detailed explanation. I am going to play with the triggers and see how I get the frequency I want