NWS Integration - Where is the alerts sensor?

Setting up the National Weather Service integration for the first time. Based on my Lon/Lat the integration connected me to my local METAR station (KOWD). I now have one service with 13 entities. The issue is that none of the entities listed are for NWS alerts which I believe should look something like sensor.nws_alerts or possibly sensor.KOWD_alerts if they are coming directly from the local station. Any help locating/adding the alerts sensor would be appreciated.

I don’t think that integration offers that functionality.

What makes you think it should be there?

There is another custom integration that does tho. It’s called “nws alerts” and can be installed thru HACS.

I read several posts about people using data from the “National Weather Service” to cast these alerts to media players. I got the impression that the sensor.nws_alerts they were using was part of the native NWS integration. Maybe that was a bad assumption on my part.

Yeah, I think so.

the nws_alerts integration is really useful (but I’m probably biased since it’s my custom integration :wink:) and it’s not hard to install.

If you want to try it I can help you get it running.

here is the github repository for it:

Thanks! So I installed the integration via HACS and restarted HA (several times) and I do not see NWS Alerts in my HA integrations list. It looks to have installed given that it is listed in the HACS integrations and there is data in the folder (see below). What am I missing?

If you go to the bottom right in the integrations page and click on “add integration” then search for “nws” in the pop up box that comes up. Then click on “nws alerts”. You should be able to then configure the integration from there.

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Thank You!

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