NWS Weather Custom Widget

With Darksky going away, I missed having weather displayed on my HADashboard. NWS weather sources seems likely to stick around, so here we are.

NWS Weather Custom Widget

Bug reports & feedback are much appreciated

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Installed this and it worked great for a day. After that, everything is blank and it borks the dashboard. Have there been any issues with it on your end as well or is it just me?

2020-10-05 09:29:17.443242 WARNING AppDaemon: Variable definition not found in CSS Skin variables: $weather_sub_style_tomorrow

I’m not even sure my logging is configured correctly. Cannot replicate that error. Tried commenting out sub_style_tomorrow and it made no difference.

last edit (hopefully): It looks like my NWS integration is down for some reason…

I had some luck dropping in OpenWeather entities on my dashboard (I’ve been using this mod I had found in forums for past 2 years) but I think I’m liking this NWS setup.

I just installed it now, will report back if it quits working for me…