NWS weather, how to create sensors or extract weather info

Hi. I have both the weather.no and the nws integrations. I’m trying to figure out how to extract all the weather info from there to run automations or better yet, to create sensors out of them. I read this: Migrating from the Darksky API to NWS Weather API (Updated)

But couldn’t make it work. I’d like to get current conditions, current temperature, tomorrow forecast low, etc.

Ok, got some information I wanted to confirm. My weather is weather.kXXX where kXXX is my local weather station. When I go to developer tools, it says the state is rainy, which it is. So is this considered the “state” change for an automation? There were some other options in the attributes like the temp etc. but I left it blank and chose to use that state. Is this correct? Nothing’s happening yet I think because it’s already in that state for my automation (turn on llights when cloudy or rainy)

yes, whatever is listed in the state column is the state.

You won’t be able to use a to or from state for that sensor (unless you are wanting to test for something specific of course) so you will need to use the stateless state trigger (leave off the “to:” or “from:” in the trigger).

It will then trigger on every state or attribute change of the sensor.

You can also create sensors out of the attributes too. Just use a template to extract the desired attribute info.

If you can wait until the next monthly release, i.e. 2021.5.0, some of these sensors will be provided directly by the NWS integration. That is, there will be no need to make template sensors for the current observations. There are currently no sensors implemented for forecasts, so you’d have to make templates for those.

Thanks. The state, which is cloud, rainy etc was exactly what I was looking for. However, in the future, i’d like to make some notifications regarding upcoming forecast low temperatures so the new release will be a great addition. Thanks all!