O365 Calendar TTS announce appointments

Hi all,

I have just integrated o365 to my Home Assistant.

I’m looking to announce my next appointment on my Google speaker.

I’ve looked at what o365 has pulled from 365 by using developer tools:

{{ state_attr('calendar. Calendar', 'data')}}

I am selling my BMW and have a reminder at 18:00 today.

[{'summary': 'Car - BMW show', 'start': datetime.datetime(2022, 9, 27, 16, 0, tzinfo=<UTC>), 'end': datetime.datetime(2022, 9, 27, 16, 25, tzinfo=<UTC>), 'all_day': False, 'description': '', 'location': '', 'categories': [], 'sensitivity': 'Normal', 'show_as': 'Busy', 'attendees': [{'email': '[email protected]', 'type': 'required'}], 'uid': 'AAMkADU1YTkyMTMwLTQ3NDQtNDRiMS1hMWRiLTFhNGVkMTdkNGI5MQBGAAAAAACvv5ULYpPeSqFxwm5ggoPYBwCXqlUwazwQR6HFrB0jkBUxAAAAAAENAACXqlUwazwQR6HFrB0jkBUxAAQasS4iAAA=', 'calendar_id': 'AAMkADU1YTkyMTMwLTQ3NDQtNDRiMS1hMWRiLTFhNGVkMTdkNGI5MQBGAAAAAACvv5ULYpPeSqFxwm5ggoPYBwCXqlUwazwQR6HFrB0jkBUxAAAAAAEGAACXqlUwazwQR6HFrB0jkBUxAAAAAB3FAAA='}]

First of all I think it is the wrong timezone and second how can I get this into a format that my speaker can announce that I will understand :slight_smile: