OAuth issues with Google Calendars integration

I am trying to set up the OAuth for Google Calendars. I have followed NUMEROUS tutorials and still cannot make it work. I get to the auth screen and enter the code. I log in and then it says “Google hasn’t verified this app”. I click Continue and then I get “Something went wrong”. If I change the OAuth from testing to publisher, I get a screen where I cannot even click continue on the hasn’t verified this app screen.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Likely the client secret is incorrect. Make sure to run the latest version of home assistant and ensure any Application Credentials - Home Assistant have been deleted before you start over.

I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

Did you find a solution? I just clicked on “Advanced” from the pop up error screen. Then click on “Home Assistant (unsafe)” - it is safe! And then “Allow” at the next screen.

Had same problem and this is my solution:

When configuring integration, open google . com/device on different device (for example: configuring HA on laptop, open google . com/device on mobile). Type code and accept. Good luck.