Object Details when clicking on device

Right now when you click on a device, it brings up a history graph on the device and some other information if available. It would be nice if when we on a device, it brought up the HA configuration information for the device.
Here is my current use case. I’m trying to figure out why my octoprint hub and sensors aren’t working right (custom component). It would be nice if I could shift click on the devices and get the configuration information HA thinks it’s using ( IP address of Octoprint Server, Connected Octoprint Hub, Sensor Type, other information setup in HA for that sensor ). it could also be used to show the templates used to populate the sensor so we can tell what HA thinks we put in, etc. This would show the runtime state of the information HA is using to populate the field.

Yep I agree, I can see this being very useful :slight_smile: