Object Detection trigger/Automation on specific Match

Hi All,

I am running a HA with DOODS. I am trying to get a spotlight to switch on when a person is detected but I dont seem to even get that working.
DOODS detects a person, the DEVELOPER console shows that there is a ‘person’ in the reported back summary but I cant get the template to match.

I am doing Image processing every 10 seconds, and if there are more than 0 objects, it applies the template looking for ‘Person’ in the summary. This never seems to trigger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

try with this:

value_template: “{{state_attr(‘image_processing.doods_onvif_icamera_substream_2’,‘summary’).person|default(0)}}”

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It was ‘me’ causing the issue… the original template did work, I just didn’t cater for the video being delayed by 10 seconds, and the Object detect was running every 10 seconds.

It was just impatience :smiley:

Much appreciated

Also, for future reference it’s better to copy/paste the correctly formatted resulting yaml code into the forum post instead of a screenshot.

That way if we see an error we don’t end up needing to completely write out the corrections by hand. we can easily just copy your provided code then paste it back in with the corrections.

Thanks @finity

I did contemplate pasting the yaml code, but sometimes as a new person to HomeAssistant, the GUI is the only way I know how to configure it and I wished to preserve context.

I am having a rough time trying to see where values are placed based on other peoples ‘Copy/Paste’ of snippets - the context is lost at that point as there are millions of configuration files and millions of other posts that are relevant on old versions of HA that no longer work. (Bit-Rot is a common problem on software that evolves regularly)

Much appreciated,

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