Octoprint Integration annoys me by being found but never connects

Years ago I used to use the Octoprint integration to monitor my printer. Then it was changed so that you could not tell the integration the API Key. Since then I’ve had to give up on the integration as that method just does not seem to work to connect to my octoprint.

Since then everytime I have my printer running and open Homeassistant it helpfully offers to connect it. Each time it less helpfully fails to connect. Today I just thought why not ask if anyone has been able to use the integration and what might be going wrong? I note the dialog that comes up asks for a login name but no password.

What ever I put in there I get no popup in Octoprint and a failed to retrieve application api key message. It seems like Octoprint simply never does anything as the times I do get some sign of life I get a wait cursor for a short while then it all just stops.

My octoprint is setup using SSL with a local certificate, I’ve tried changing the port value to different things. I generally get a connection if I use the printers dns name but instant fail if I use the ip address that Homeassistant finds. Ironic thing is if I could just give it the API key like you used to it would probably work fine. Sometimes automation is more trouble that it is worth!!

Personally I don’t like the core integration. Not enough data available.
I use the Octoprint extension and MQTT extension to connect to HA and it works great. I also created a blueprint that adds filament load, unload, home, and a few roll-your-own buttons, plus a safe shutdown once the heaters are cool.

To get rid if the pop-up in HA you just do an ignore on it and doesn’t bother you further.

My blueprint links are below.

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