Octoprint Integration - Temperatures

Octoprint used to give the Temperatures but with the new integration that is lost. I had an automation that would shut my system down in case of a run-away temp that no longer works. Can the current temps be added back into the native integration.

UPDATE: 11/5 - Make sure when you integrate Octoprint that your printer is on and connected to Octoprint and you should be fine. Also note that the entity names will all change.

yes, here too… and do not forget to vote your own request :slight_smile:

This is what I had:

This Is what I got in return after “auto-migration”:

I have all temperature and binary sensors for my ender3 v2 after update

I don’t… how do you?

I got exactly what Sender has with an Anycubic I3 Mega and the current version of Octoprint.

I have all the sensors as before. The names did change though. Check the integration.

I did nothing, just upgraded.

Apparently that is what you get if Octoprint is running, but your printer is disconnected. After turning on the printer and reconnecting in Octoprint you should see temperature sensors.

My Octoprint Pi is usually always on but my printer is not. If you add Octoprint to HA with the printer off or disconnected you get a partial integration and do not show the sensors for printer temps.

I deleted and re-installed the Octoprint integration with the printer ON and connected to Octoprint and now there is no problem instead of 6 entities I have 10.

Probably should be a line in the help manual about this.


Feel free to add that :grinning:

Do you have Elapsed Time? I no longer have this post-migration and I was using this to notify me after a print completion how long a print took, was quite useful.

Please have a look at the Breaking Changes - two sensors have been replaced with start and finish time.

Hm… these “breaking” changes did exactly that: break things. Now times are in funny format (example: 2022-01-14T17:39:21+00:00), and they are in UTC time. I’m trying to convert time in local time and friendly format without luck for quite a few hours now…
any clues? I’d like to see “end at 17:36”. And in my local time, not UTC.
Entities card shows in local time, yes, but very rough (like end in two hours), but all other entities show that “funny” format