Octoprint - MQTT or Integration

Question to you 3D makers over here :smiley:

What is your preferred way to integrate Octoprint in HA ?

  • The MQTT way with the MQTT sensor integration in HA and the HA Discovery Plugin in Octoprint
  • The Integration way: OctoPrint - Home Assistant

Do you see any differences between both? Both provide similar information.

For now I have both running but that seems a bit of overkill :upside_down_face: !

This doesn’t answer your question, but are you using more then one Octoprint instance (multiple printers/rPi’s) with the HA Integration?

I tried last week to add my additional printers to the integration and was unable to do so. Error in reference to it already existing.

Which has forced me to look at duplicating what I’m doing in HS with MQTT.

Hi, I’m running a single instance.

Thank you, I know the MQTT route gives you access to a lot more information than what seems to be offered through the integration.