Octopus Energy API now available in Germany

Quote below from the Octopus Energy forums:
Disclaimer: I don’t work for and am not associated with Octopus - I’m just passing on the info.

There is a Home Assistant integration that works with the UK API.

It’s been five years since we launched the developer API so about time we expanded it - we’ve made this same API capability available to all Octopus Energy Germany customers too.

Check out the German Kraken API which should be familiar to anyone that’s used the UK version:
https://api.oeg-kraken.energy/v1/graphql/ 3

We’re therefore on the hunt for anyone in Germany that’s interested in smart energy and tech – do you live in Germany or know anyone living in Germany who loves this stuff? If you do, send me a direct message to add them to this forum (German flavour coming) for more info.

We’re therefore also on the hunt for anyone wanting to migrate or create services and apps for Germany similar to all the things I wrote 2 about a few years ago.

Some of those merge APIs from other sources too such as carbon intensity and whilst we’ve not made Agile work in Germany yet there is a wholesale rate that’s relevant such as that published by the Fraunhoffer Institute site:


And this is the German version of Carbon Intensity data:

https://static.electricitymaps.com/api/docs/index.html 1

We’ve got a few German colleagues here in the forum to help too (perhaps including a small amount of translation help) and there’s a new German forum page coming soon to get started.


Feel free to mention on the Home Assistant forum that we’re getting started with API access in Germany although they’ll need to head over here as we’ll provide most of the support here. As the forum is invite only send me messages to add people in.

There’s also this (German) blog post, which contains example queries to retrieve ones smart meter data!