Octopus Energy Go tariff and energy dashboard total cost


I got octopus energy add-on configured and it shows energy usage and cost on the energy dashboard.

I can see that it current rate entity and it returns correct values based on time because I’m on go faster tariff with off peak price between 21:30 - 02:30 .

Does the total cost take into account different rate per kwh during peak and off peak or I need to setup a helper for current unit price based on time and use it instead of Octopus Energy Electricity Previous Accumulative Cost entity?



I’m interested to know the answer to this as well.
What I have done is follow details at Custom Energy Monitor for Peak / Off-Peak Electricity Rates - #4 by confusedPaul to get knowledge of peak/off-peak times into the system.

I see that you can change the settings for grid consumption the cost to current rate entity instead of previous total cost entity provided by octopus energy addon.

Looks like current rate sensor is tracking it correctly.

Any have of you figured out to sum the cost data for the month?

I’m keen to see the total but my attempts have been futile (see my post here - HELP | How do I sum Daily Energy Costs | Current Month and Last Month)

I too am trying to figure this out so if anyone has had any joy please let us know!