Octopus Energy integration - current meter readings

Is there a way to see the current meter reading via the Octopus Energy integration and my Octopus Home Mini? I thought this would be the entity current_accumulative_consumption but it seems this will only give me statistics for hour, day, week etc and not the reading I get (eventually) by fiddling with the buttons on both meters - that is, the total consumption since each meter was installed.

I need this because for years I’ve been tracking our monthly gas and electricity usage in an Excel spreadsheet, which requires a monthly reading.

Thanks for any help.

AFAIK - Short answer: No.

The ‘smart’ meter holds registers with the accumulated total energy since first used. As you know, you can read these directly from the meter.

With a compatible In Home Display (IHD) using the Home Area Network (HAN) the display can interrogate the meter to give you these figures. The Octopus Home Mini is an adjunct to an IHD, in that it connects to the meter via the HAN, reads the live consumption, and pushes this to Octopus HQ via the Internet. From there you can get at these figures using the Octopus App.

BottlecapDave’s great integration uses the Octopus API calls to get at the account and the associated meter details, and can provide the previous day consumption readings and a lot more, including pulling back from Octopus the current Home Mini live consumption figures. What it can’t appear to do is get the meter register (total) figures.

I too track my energy use by Excel spreadsheet, and I use my IHD on my desk, and wait for my Octopus energy bill which has my import figures (the ‘smart’ IHD can’t manage those…).

One possible solution would be to set a base meter reading for the start of the year (update once a year) then use Octopus API to pull in all consumption since the start of the year, and add the lot up. This would, on a rolling basis, give a ‘register total’ figure.

UK “smart” energy meters - Hardware - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

See article about the Octopus home mini.

Thanks Geoff. I managed to miss your response at the time but had already concluded that I would have to keep reading the meters manually each month for my spreadsheet.