Octopus Mini Automations


Can anyone please help…

I had an integration setup where I was turning my pool pump on and off dependent on the output of my solar array but I have since had my Octopus Mini turn up, so I was thinking that I might be able to make things a bit more intelligent and not just use the total solar output as a trigger but actually monitor the ‘spare’ power based on electrical usage as well…

Would anyone know of a simple way and the ‘Device’ to look at to maybe monitor the Exported power and then using that to achieve switching a pump on and off?

I was hoping to use the Current Realtime Demand (Sensor.octopus_energy_…_current_demand) but its not showing up in any of the menus in the editor…

Thanks in advance.


I can see mine in automations using entity->numeric state

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I’m using BottlecapDave’s octopus integration, with the ‘have mini’ option selected, and both current (immediate) power and energy are available.

Make sure you check the actual entity is enabled, as the integration brings in many of the entities disabled by default. The ‘device’ is the electricity meter for the integration.

That said, this only works for imported electricity. There is no facility for export.