Odd Behavior Tradfri group: cannot find service sensor/turn_on


After having sorted my Ikea setup per room, the simple result of one of these is as follows:
3 bulbs and a sensor. Obviously my office :wink:

Lately i got an error in the logs without further explaining or leads:

Only after thorough timing and testing the conclusion was that turning on the group tries to turn-on the sensor also, which of course isn’t possible.

Why does the Card toggle show, when this is not a switchable entity?
How can i change this without doing away with the group switch option, and still keep the sensor in the group…


It’s because when you use the group toggle at the top of the card, it tries to turn on/off everything in the group.

Some things (like sensors, input selects, input texts) don’t have a turn off service, so it generates a warning. It’s harmless and you can ignore it.

I understand it can’t turn a sensor off, but why does the card toggle show in the first place? I thought that it would only do when all entities where switchable?

So that you can switch all the things that are switchable on and off at once.

hmm, ill take them out then, i just don’t like unnecessary errors…

Thanks for confirming my setup works as it should per design , not per expectation :wink: