Odd ghost entity in automations

I recently changed a Shelly dimmer after I blew one up :grimacing: and named the new device the same.

I’ve checked my list of entities/devices and there are no duplicates for this device.

When I try and add an automation for this device it shows two entities with the same name, one of which it will not allow me to change the device actions for, and the other it will show the correct actions for but will immediately switch back to the broken/ghost entity when I select an action, plus it will not allow me to then save the automation.

Is there somewhere I can check that the entities/devices are correct and alter if not?

Found it!

I checked the automations.yaml out of curiosity and found that, oddly, the long digit device ids held in each automation were incorrect, (and in fact referred to different devices) I don’t know why this wasn’t updated by the visual editor when configuring the automation from HA, but it wasn’t, and it was obviously causing some confusion for HA in the process.

Because device automations are terrible and you should not use them.

Ooooer! Well, I learn something new every day!

Thanks for the response, I shall have to revisit my automation’ :woozy_face:

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