Odd problem with my August locks


Over the last several days, I’ve seen my front door unlock and then relock some time later. It’s been as long as an hour before it would relock. I’ve created an automation to watch for the unlocking and relock it immediately, but this is just a band-aid. I’ve got two of the august locks and it’s only the one on the front door having issues,.

When I look at the logs, I can see when the door was unlocked and the duration. I know my unlocking automations haven’t caused this as they email/text me each time they run. In fact, all of my lock automations email/txt when they run. I’ve also checked the logs in the August app, They do not show the locked being unlocked, only the automation locking it back up.

I’ve turned the logging and set the level to warning. I’m not sure what else I can do.

Any suggestions? Thanks!