Odd thing, upgraded to skyconnect, old stick still there?

So, I haven’t seen this yet in reading. I upgraded my zigbee stick from the HUBZ zigbee/zwave combo, to the skyconnect for zigbee, and a zooz stick for zwave.
Now, when I go to configure in ZHA, I see the nabu-casa skyconnect stick there. However, under devices, there are two of the same name. One lists a lot of devices, as per the screenshot, but the other does not. One difference, the first is assigned to the room it is in, the second has no entry.
And, devices are still working. I do not run any other zha addons, like mqtt or anything. Do I need to do some kind of cleanup here?

I go into both of them and enter configure, and they both say this:

But under visualization, I am seeing this:

Thanks for your attention. Any more info needed, ask.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Seems a bug in ZHA. If everything is working, I would not worry about it. Search the forum, there are some similar topics.